YOU ARE AT OUR NEW WEBSITE (effective from March 2021) - Please re-register as a "New Customer"

Welcome to our new website!

Our website was updated to a new ecommerce platform in March 2021. The logins from the old site could not be ported over, therefore, all users are required to re-register for a new login. Click "Create an Account" on the top right corner of this page to begin.

What's new?

  • This site is easier to use for consultans who work at more than 1 location.

  • Direct to job seeker orders and other special orders are easier to organise.

  • This site is built on an ecommerce platform which will allow us to offer a broader range of products to you, whilst retaining the ease of use of the old website.

NOTE: The job seeker's full name will now be recorded against invoices raised. You may also include other details as reference, however, please do not record the JSID.


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